Please allow 2 days to process your booking.
Please do not submit your booking twice. If you need to modify your booking, contact us via Wechat.

If you have not received our confirmation within 3 days. Please use Wechat to contact us.

As the team is always overloaded, we may unable to reply you via email. Wechat is more efficient.

If you are flying to China today, contact us immediately via Wechat. We will try to process your booking as an urgent order.

Our Wechat ID is studentcallcenter

Or, use Wechat to scan our QR

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Please read the information below carefully
Arrive at midnight?


If your flight landing time is after 22:00, Some dormitories in Universities may be closed. In that case, we suggest you find a hotel but not go to University at midnight.

If you do not know which hotel is near your University, send us a message. We can also help you to find a hotel at the Airport.
▼However, some dormitories are opened 24 hours. Contact your University to confirm the closing time of dormitory. So do not need to read the content below. ▲
Different University has different policy. Different dormitory may also have different policy. It is better to confirm it before your departure.



Connecting flight issues >Changed?  Canceled?
联程航班问题 >被更改?被取消?(CH)


If your last connecting flight changed, please contact us ASAP so we can rearrange the pick-up service.
Click here to download an instruction for handling this situation. (It is also the last page of <Airport transport guide>. If you have a printed guide, you do not need to download this instruction.).


如果你的最后一程航班发生变更, 请尽快与我们联系,我们可以更改接机安排。

点击这里下载说明书,怎样处理这种情况。( 这个说明书也就是 <Airport transport guide>的最后一页。如果你有这本纸质guide ,无需则下载)

Student Welcome Desk
There will be no Welcome desk in Tianjin, Xi’an, and Beijing this semester.

However, you can still book your transportation online and the team will arrange the services for you.