►【 FQAs 】

  • Application | Visa

    When should I arrive in China after I get the visa in my country?
    We recommend you arrive one week before registration date. Most students can apply an X1 or X2 visa with the admission letter and JW202 form received from your university. Some students will enter China with a tourist visa for one month.  X1 visa holders must apply for a residence permit after your entry to China, you need time to get the temporary residence registration form and do the physical exam before you apply for the residence permit. So we suggest you do not arrive too early, one week before registration date will be fine. You will have enough time to process all the procedures with the help of the International Student Office. Note: According to the laws and regulations of China, within 48 hours upon your arrival, you must register at the local police station if you live off-campus. Please take your passport, photo, lease agreement and other certifications to the local police station(派出所)with the landlord to get the Temporary Residence Registration Form.

    For more details about visa application, click here to read more.

    May I apply for the residence permit with the “Registration Form for Temporary Residence” submitted out of Shaanxi?
    No. You must present the Shaanxi “Registration Form for Temporary Residence”.

    After admission, how long could I apply for the residence permit?
    The valid period of the visa shall be within the valid period of the passport, and at the same time, shall not exceed the tuition payment period. If you pay for one semester, you will get a visa for one semester, if you pay for one year, you will get a visa for one year.

    I am an international student studying in a Chinese university (senior high school), is it necessary for me to return to my home country and apply for X visa in Chinese embassy (consulate general)?
    If you have the residence permit or other valid visa, you are not necessary to your home country for re-application and the school could help with the application.

    If I apply for school suspension or quitting, is it necessary for me to change the residence visa into
    Yes. Otherwise the residence permit will be cancelled forcibly and you will be put on the blacklist, which will affect the future entry into China. In addition, students of a few countries could change (shorten) the residence permit period by application to cancel the visa. The above two means require at least five working days for the procedures.

  • Physical examination | Insurance

    Do I have to purchase insurance policy?
    It is compulsory for long term students(Stay more than 180 days). However, some Universities also require short term students to purchase medical insurance policy. ask them to confirm.

    Is it necessary for me to have physical examination?
    According to Chinese laws and regulations, if your learning period exceeds 180 days, you must have physical examination in the health center designated by the department of Shaanxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, usually being “International Travel Healthcare Center”.

    Under what kind of situation could I skip the physical examination?
    There are two kinds of situation. First, you hold the effective residence permit and you have taken part in the physical examination; second, you have taken part in the physical examination in the designated hospital in China within 6 months before the application.

    Is it necessary for having physical examination in Shaanxi?
    Not necessary. The physical examination report signed by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus in China is applicable, usually being “International Travel Healthcare Center”. If you have the examination in the public hospital in foreign countries, you shall submit it to Shaanxi International Travel Health Care Center for verification; the unqualified report shall require the physical examination again.

    How could I have physical examination?
    There are two means. First, you can go to Shaanxi International Travel Health Care Center by yourself directly; second, the school will organize once a semester to let the students who need to take physical exam go together, usually two weeks after the registration period.

    Am I bound to take part in the physical examination organized by the school?
    No. The physical examination organized by the school has fixed date and the report will be delivered 3 days after the examination. If you have a very short visa period, there”s no enough time for the physical examination.

    How much will it take for the physical examination in Shaanxi ?
    About CNY 400 Yuan.