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  • We arrange transportation from your campus to the Airport. It is cheaper than airport pick up.
  • 我们安排从校园去机场的送机服务。送机价格低于接机价格。

CAR / Sedan(小型车 / 轿车)
  • Rate: CNY170 / person. 
  • 价格:¥170/每人。
  • If 2 persons share the car,  rate: CNY115/ person.
  • 如果两人共用同一车辆,则价格为¥115元/每人。

  • If 3 persons share the car,  rate:CNY85/ person. (When all passengers only carry small luggage.)
  • 如果三人共用同一车辆,则价格为¥85元/每人。(只限行李不多的情况下,如果行李很多,则车辆无法承载三人

MPV (7 Seats)(中型车 (7座位))
  • When 3 people travel together and with big luggage.
  • 适用于3人同车,并且行李较多者。
  • Rate:    CNY100/person.
  • 价格:¥100/每人。

  • If you live outside the campus, a¥20/ person surcharge will be applied.
  • 如果你住在校外,每人需加收¥20.

  • It may be higher than Taxi rates. However, the fee includes Highway toll. Our price is fixed so you won’t be charged extra due to traffic jam, unlike normal taxi.
  • 虽然收费高于出租车。但是收费中包含了高速公路费,而且价格是固定价格,不会像普通出租车一样因为交通堵塞而加收费用。

  • The car will wait for you in front of your dormitory / Hotel so you won’t need to drag your luggage to the street.


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    MPV = Mini Passenger Van. Can carry up to 6 passengers. without luggage.
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    Terms of Use, Conditions & Risk Statment- 使用条款、条件以及风险声明 –
    This service is set for your convenience. It is an outsourcing service so the University takes no responsibility for the potential risk during it’s operation. The supplier arranged the service through different platform/s of third parties so the supplier also takes no responsibility for the potential risk during it’s operation. The potential compensation for the potential risk is limited to the third party’s insurance policy. If you do not agree with this Terms of Use,Conditions and risk statement, you are not eligible to use this service. You can arrange your own transportation.) 此项服务系为方便学生/学者而设置。系外包服务,校方不承担车辆行驶过程的可能风险。供应方系通过各种第三方平台安排车辆,并不具有车辆的所有权以及运营权,因而也不承担车辆行驶过程的车辆风险。风险责任以各第三方平台保险为上限。如果不接受本风险声明,请不必提交表单。可自行安排交通工具。