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    This service is set for your convenience. It is an outsourcing service so the University takes no responsibility for the potential risk during it’s operation. The supplier arranged the service through different platform/s of third parties so the supplier also takes no responsibility for the potential risk during it’s operation. The potential compensation for the potential risk is limited to the third party’s insurance policy. If you do not agree with this Terms of Use,Conditions and risk statement, you are not eligible to use this service. You can arrange your own transportation.)
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    This Page is for Beijing Students(北京 学生) only. If you are going to Tianjin(天津), click here.

    Airport Pick-Up Arrangement for International Students  || Beijing Students

    留学生 接机服务安排 || 北京 学生

    Campus shuttle may be available. Some of them may be free of charge. click here to check the availability.

    If you arrive Airport after 22:30, dormitories in Universities may be closed. We suggest you find a hotel but not go to University at midnight. If you do not know which hotel is near your University, send us a message. We can also help you to find a hotel at the Airport. 如果你抵达时间晚于22:30,大学宿舍可能已经关闭。我们建议你找一家酒店住下,不要半夜去大学。如果你不知道怎样寻找大学附近的酒店,请填写信息给我们。我们也可以帮你在机场安排酒店。

    Hotel (If you Arrived too late, it is better to book a hotel but not go to campus on a midnight.)

    If you missed your connecting flight and have to change to another flight to Beijing, please contact us ASAP so we can rearrange the pick-up service. Click here to contact us

    如果你错过了你的联程航班,必须改乘其他航班飞抵北京,请尽快与我们联系,我们可以更改接机安排. 点击这里联系我们

    Paid service, car:

    • Transportation from the Airport to your dormitory on campus. Porter services are not provided.
    • 车辆从机场到校内公寓,不提供行李搬运服务
    • ARRIVE BETWEEN 09:30~ 20:30                      09:30~ 20:30 到达者                Rate 收费: CNY 150

      ARRIVE BETWEEN 20:30 ~24:00                      20:30 ~24:00 到达者                Rate 收费: CNY 200

      SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE AFTER 00:30       00:30 后不提供服务

    Rates explanation:

    • The rates may be higher than Taxi rates. However, The fee includes Highway toll. The price is fixed so you won’t be charged extra due to traffic jam, unlike normal taxi.
    • 价格或许比通常出租车高。但是这个价格包含了高速公路费用。而且这个价格是固定的,你不会因为交通堵塞而被加收费用。
    • The service also includes  English language support. (Only a few Chinese driver speak foreign languages.)
    • 服务包含英语支持服务。(大多数中国司机不会说外语。)

    Sharing  policy :


    • For using the resources more efficiently , we may arrange  you with other passenger/s in  same vehicle . ( Only when you are going to same campus. ) In this case , if you are a paid passenger, you will receive a refund of 30% .
    • 为合理使用资源,我们可能会安排你与另一个乘客乘坐同一车辆。(仅限目的地相同的乘客。)在这种情况下,如果你是自费乘客,你会获得30% 折扣退款。
    • (The refund will be transferred to your wechat wallet, within 2 weeks)
    • (折扣退款将在两周内退到你的Wechat wallet。)

    Online booking will be available on 15/ Aug (Use form 5)