You will get two ID cards.
One is your Student ID.

The student card is an ID proof you are a student.

The other is your Campus card.

Campus card is used for your daily life on campus.

It is a special card used to make most payments on campus. You will receive your card after your registration. However, you may need to wait up to one week to get your Campus card.

Ask ISO staff to confirm it. You may have the chance to get a temporary Campus card immediately.

▼ The Campus card is very important, you need it to pay for meals and bills.  It does not have a PIN so anyone could use your card. Do not lose it! ▲

Many of on-campus canteens and restaurants do not accept cash and bank card. They accept campus card only. So before you get your campus card,  you need to find out which canteens/ restaurants accept cash.

In some Universities, The Card number will also be your on-campus WI-FI ID. So you may have no WI-FI for weeks before you get your Campus card.

Internet on campus
Dormitory Wi-Fi

Some dormitories have their own WI-FI. Ask their staff to get the passcode.

Campus Wi-Fi

Once you get your Campus card*, you will get 1.5GB or more free data/month  on campus.
* The Card number maybe your on-campus WI-FI ID.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube………
These websites/ Social media are not working properly in China.

If you do need to visit them, you need to get a VPN service. It is hard to get VPN in China. you need to get it before you leave your home.

VPN is not stable in China.